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March 2015
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Annual Membership Vegetarian Potluck April 20, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Join us in kicking-off our Annual Membership Potluck Dinner with vegetarian dishes to honor Slow Food’s global mission to promote Meatless Mondays.  Meatless Monday is about skipping meat one day a week because it is good for you, great for your nation’s health, and fantastic for the planet. Meatless Monday is active in 36 countries and expanding. Celebrities, chefs, activists and politicians around the globe are joining the Meatless Monday campaign as a strategy for reducing global warming pollution and simultaneously improving human & animal health.

While enjoying your vast array of local, vegetarian foods, Slow Food representatives will provide a presentation about Slow Food and share our plans for upcoming activities and events. In addition, Lane County Farmer’s Market will speak about their 100th year anniversary and plans for its celebration. Bring your appetites and ideas and feel free to share what you’d like your Slow Food chapter to promote and how you might help get involved this year.

We will also be voting on leadership positions. Please consider joining Eugene’s Slow Food leadership group. Leader’s meet monthly and help organize activities to promote good, clean and fair food.

Who: Members and Guests. (Only members can vote. Not a member? We’ll help you join that evening.)

What to Bring: Make your own, or purchase a delicious vegetarian dish made with local ingredients. This is an alcohol free event. Non-alcoholic beverage provided.  Please bring your own plate, cup and utensils.

Where: Stellaria Bldg, 150 Shelton-McMurphey Blvd.  Upstairs in the large community room.

When: Monday, April 20th

The event is free.

Local Food Connection Conference


On Monday, Feb. 3rd Judy Stickney, co-leader of Slow Food Eugene, had the pleasure of participating in the 8th annual Local Food Connection Conference hosted at Lane Community College: Center for meeting and Learning. The event was organized by Cascade Pacific Resource, Conservation and Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local, grassroots projects in the Willamette Valley through social, educational, economic and environmental improvements.

The purpose of this conference was to bring together local food producers, buyers and institutions through presentations and workshops to offer support and networking opportunities. This year’s event was focused on food distribution and received over 250 attendees.

The keynote address was presented by Danielle and Alex Amarotico, owners of Standing Stone Brewery Company in Ashland, OR. The Amarotico’s spoke of their commitment to sustainable business practices from recycling to raising their own beef. Standing Stone Brewery has received numerous awards for their dedication to Green Business and Sustainable Leadership.

Participants at the conference enjoyed networking opportunities, a tradeshow and workshops on topics ranging from “Diversifying Your Farm” to “Social Media”.

Lunch was a highlight of this event and numerous conference attendees donated local ingredients graciously prepared by the LCC Culinary Arts students.

Slow Food Eugene was proud to participate in this conference to show our commitment to advocating for good, clean and fair food. For more information on the Local Food Connection, visit the website at: www.localfoodconnection.org.

Become a Volunteer with “School Garden Project of Lane County”

One of Slow Food Eugene’s partners is School Garden Project of Lane County. This is a non-profit organization which aims to help schools create, sustain, and use onsite gardens by providing resources, professional consultation, and educational programming. They provide school garden education to help children become healthy adults who eat their fruits and vegetables, and know the basics of growing food. Volunteers are an integral part of this program. Check out their latest video and become a volunteer! CLICK HERE

Good, Clean, and Fair Fish

We can make change happen, even in small ways. One way to forage forward is to find more ways to return to our origins of food by making responsible food choices.

Enter the subject of fish and seafood. As we seek to recover traditional wisdom around fishing, we simultaneously improve the health of our bodies, as well as our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Slow Fish holds an event every two years in Genoa in support of fish sustainability. Slow Food and Slow Fish believe we can all make a difference by choosing to learn more about our local fish economy and making better choices both at home and in restaurants.  We encourage you to become more aware as a consumer when selecting fish that helps us conserve our environment and take better care of our health.

Through its “Seafood Watch” program, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has developed a guide in three different formats: detailed fact sheets, Regional Seafood Watch Pocket Guidesand a Sushi Guide. You can learn more by going to www.seafoodwatch.org.

To learn more about Slow Fish, visit their website at www.slowfood.com/slowfish.

Slow Food and Meatless Mondays

Slow Food USA has partnered with Meatless Monday to advocate a new campaign called “Meatless Monday”. It’s in favor of choosing to avoid meat just one day a week. Meat requires an enormous amount of energy to produce. This campaign is an opportunity to eat meatless options on Monday, for the entire day. If we consume less meat, we are reducing the impact on our environment, as well as our health.

Taking small steps now to consume less meat and better quality meat, can go a long way toward helping the environment, our health and our quality of life. Slow Food USA is asking chapters across America to encourage our communities to join in the international call to go meatless one day per week, on Mondays.

Stay tuned for more information on eating less meat, recipes and ideas to help you get started and spread the word. For starters, consider veggie lasagna, falafel, rice casseroles, soups and veggie stews. This coming Monday, give it a try! You’ll be helping the planet!

RAFT Garden and Ark of Taste

The RAFT (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) Alliance is a collaboration of food, farming and environmental advocates (including Slow Food USA). It was founded in 2004 to identify, restore and celebrate America’s biologically and culturally diverse food traditions through conservation, education, market recovery and regional networking. RAFT developed the first-ever comprehensive list of food species and varieties unique to each eco-region of North America and found that well over 1,000 food varieties are threatened, endangered or functionally extinct from the marketplace.

The local RAFT Garden is located at the Whiteaker Community Garden the end of N. Polk St. The plot is on the east side and marked with a RAFT Garden sign.

The RAFT garden includes Hooker’s corn, Oregon Giant Pole bean, Oregon Delicious melon, Lower Salmon River squash, Newburg onion, Haida, Tlingit and Ozette potatoes and Marshall Strawberry.

The focus of the garden has been the Marshall Strawberry the last two years. Runners have been distributed to more than a dozen gardens throughout Lane County.

Slow Food member, Nicki Maxwell, maintains the RAFT garden. She is also a member of the Pacific and Northwest Regional Committee of Ark of Taste, Slow Food USA. The Ark of Taste is a tool for farmers, ranchers, fishers, chefs, grocers, educators and consumers to seek out and celebrate our country’s diverse biological, cultural and culinary heritage. Learn more about its function at http://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-of-taste-in-the-usa.

Nicki can be reached at nicolamaxwell47@gmail.com. Get in touch with her if you know of a food product that is outstanding in terms of taste; at risk biologically; able to be sustainably produced; culturally or historically linked to this region; currently produced in limited quantities. These are the criteria for nominating and selecting items to the Ark of Taste. For a list of Pacific Northwest foods currently on the list, click here.


Join Slow Food – an invitation to membership

Are you committed to food for all that is “good, clean, and fair?” Other organizations advocate for good OR clean OR fair food policies. Only Slow Food emphasizes the interconnectedness of all three. Please consider joining with other like-minded people all over the nation and the world, by becoming a MEMBER of Slow Food USA.

Click here to join now

Our local Slow Food chapter sponsors events throughout the year that connect us with our food traditions, promote learning about local food production, and gather people to enjoy good food together.

Public Service Announcements

As a public service, we are listing some upcoming events we thought that you might be interested in. Listing an event is not an indication that we are sponsoring or endorsing the event.

Farmers’ Markets

Sprout Regional Food Hub
Fridays, 3pm-7pm, year round
418 A Street, downtown Springfield
Accepts Oregon Trail (SNAP), WIC and Senior Coupon

The Corner Market
Wednesdays, noon to 6pm, year round
295 River Road, near Chambers Street bridge

Hideaway Bakery Market
Saturdays, 9am-2pm, year round
3377 East Amazon, behind Mazzi’s Restaurant

Lane County Farmers’ Winter Market
Saturdays, now through March 30th
10am – 2pm in the Park blocks, 8th & Oak, Eugene

Cottage Grove Growers Market
Saturdays, 9am-6pm, year round
12th & Main Street
Accepts Debit & Credit cards, Oregon Trail (SNAP) WIC and Senior Coupons


Local Organizations

Willamette Farm And Food Coalition
Support this great organization.

Weston A. Price Foundation Potluck

What: A monthly potluck in Eugene (and other locales) to foster discussion and understanding of traditional healing foods used by long-lived and healthy societies. Based on researched gathered by Weston A Price, DDS.
Who: Weston A. Price Foundation, Eugene Chapter
When: Held second Monday of each month, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Where: Rotates among members’ homes. Email Lisa at info@krautpounder.com for current location and to get newsletters of activities.
Cost: Bring a Weston A. Price Traditional-Style dish to share.
More Information: Lisa at info@krautpounder.com

Victory Gardens

What: Ongoing edible planting events providing an opportunity to volunteer in creating new gardens, developing edible forests, caring for existing gardens, making compost and meeting like-minded gardening folks.
Who: Victory Garden Team
When: call 541-653-0149
Where: 505 River Road, Eugene
Cost: free

More information: victorygardensforall@gmail.com or call Charlotte 541.653.0149

Slow Money

What: Slow Money is a movement to organize investors and donors to steer new sources of capital to small food enterprises, organic farms, and local food systems.
Who: Slow Money South Willamette Valley
When: Always meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Location and more details To Be Announced

More information: Financing our Foodsheds by Carole Peppe Hewett, who started Slow Money North Carolina.

Contact:   slowmoneywv@gmail.com