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January 2015
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Slow Money Announces Its Oregon Investors Event–January 29, 6 pm, Red Wagon Creamery

In 2013, Slow Money Willamette Valley set out to help build resilience in our local food and farming economy by catalyzing low-interest
loans to local, sustainable food and farming businesses.

Investing money as though food, farms and the fertility of the soil really matters, Slow Money brings people together around a shared vision.  It starts with the soil, entrepreneurs (borrowers) are the seeds and investors (lenders) are the water.

On January 29, Slow Money Willamette Valley will be offering investment opportunities to Oregon Residents.
Come learn to use new securities crowdfunding rules, invest LIVE in person, hear from Mayor Piercy and other special guests, and enjoy all things Oregon.

There will be Oregon Bounty Raffle/Door Prizes, 100% Oregon refreshments–handcrafted ice cream, appetizers, hard cider and of course, beer!  (Additional food and drink will be for sale next door at Party Downtown.)

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Red Wagon Creamery – 55 West Broadway, Eugene, Or
Tickets: $5 at the door includes an Oregonian-only bracelet
and 1 drink ticket

Good, Clean, and Fair Fish

We can make change happen, even in small ways. One way to forage forward is to find more ways to return to our origins of food by making responsible food choices.

Enter the subject of fish and seafood. As we seek to recover traditional wisdom around fishing, we simultaneously improve the health of our bodies, as well as our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Slow Fish holds an event every two years in Genoa in support of fish sustainability. Slow Food and Slow Fish believe we can all make a difference by choosing to learn more about our local fish economy and making better choices both at home and in restaurants.  We encourage you to become more aware as a consumer when selecting fish that helps us conserve our environment and take better care of our health.

Through its “Seafood Watch” program, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has developed a guide in three different formats: detailed fact sheets, Regional Seafood Watch Pocket Guidesand a Sushi Guide. You can learn more by going to www.seafoodwatch.org.

To learn more about Slow Fish, visit their website at www.slowfood.com/slowfish.

Slow Food and Meatless Mondays

Slow Food USA has partnered with Meatless Monday to advocate a new campaign called “Meatless Monday”. It’s in favor of choosing to avoid meat just one day a week. Meat requires an enormous amount of energy to produce. This campaign is an opportunity to eat meatless options on Monday, for the entire day. If we consume less meat, we are reducing the impact on our environment, as well as our health.

Taking small steps now to consume less meat and better quality meat, can go a long way toward helping the environment, our health and our quality of life. Slow Food USA is asking chapters across America to encourage our communities to join in the international call to go meatless one day per week, on Mondays.

Stay tuned for more information on eating less meat, recipes and ideas to help you get started and spread the word. For starters, consider veggie lasagna, falafel, rice casseroles, soups and veggie stews. This coming Monday, give it a try! You’ll be helping the planet!

The Wild Duck Cafe will give a percentage of the day’s sales to Willamette Farm and Food Coalition on Tuesday January 20th

The Wild Duck is open from 8am to midnight
so you can opt for breakfast, lunch, beer at happy hour, dinner, dessert, coffee, or a late night snack!

Please print this flyer to present to your server
(or pull this message up on your smart phone).

From Eggs Benedict with house-made hollandaise to the Total Domination Steak and tasty vegetarian options, the Wild Duck has something for everyone. Top off your meal with Cafe Mam organic espresso, a Mariota’s Milkshake or one of their numerous Oregon craft beers and wines.

The Wild Duck Cafe is located just east of Matthew Knight Arena, at 1419 Villard Street.

Find street parking between 15th and 18th on Villard or Orchard, or park in the lot on the south end of the Sky Box building.

Oregon Truffle Festival, Eugene, January 23-25.

104The 10th annual Oregon Truffle Festival is Better Together in every way with a full schedule of events the weekend of January 23, 24 & 25, 2015.  Find more information here.

Deck Family Farm’s Barn Fire Recovery Effort

DeckA word and request from our friends at the Deck Family about the terrible fire that destroyed their barn:

On the evening of Sunday, November 9th the Deck Family Farm experienced a setback when our barn caught fire. By the time the local firefighters arrived, the flames engulfed the building and all we could do was keep it from spreading.

We lost the building, some equipment, our bull, and two calves, but we are thankful beyond belief that no family, interns, or employees were in or near the barn when the alfalfa hay inside began to burn.

We suspect it was the hay that spontaneously combusted on its own due to some composting in the stacks, but we can’t know for sure. Unfortunately, parts of the building were brand new, and the replacement costs will far exceed what our insurance company will cover.

For now, we’re going about business as usual with some help from neighbors and use of other facilities. But some of you have asked if there is anything you can do to defray our immediate costs or to help with clean up and rebuilding efforts. We would appreciate any help from our community and customers as we work to bounce back and replace some of the uninsured items like the manure spreader, loader, spin spreader, stanchions and panels.

For this reason we set-up this fundraising tool through YouCaring.com. It’s free to use and anything helps.
We’ll keep this site and our own site updated with more information
It is a time to give thanks,
Christine & John Deck and the Deck Family Farm “Farmily”

RAFT Garden and Ark of Taste

The RAFT (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) Alliance is a collaboration of food, farming and environmental advocates (including Slow Food USA). It was founded in 2004 to identify, restore and celebrate America’s biologically and culturally diverse food traditions through conservation, education, market recovery and regional networking. RAFT developed the first-ever comprehensive list of food species and varieties unique to each eco-region of North America and found that well over 1,000 food varieties are threatened, endangered or functionally extinct from the marketplace.

The local RAFT Garden is located at the Whiteaker Community Garden the end of N. Polk St. The plot is on the east side and marked with a RAFT Garden sign.

The RAFT garden includes Hooker’s corn, Oregon Giant Pole bean, Oregon Delicious melon, Lower Salmon River squash, Newburg onion, Haida, Tlingit and Ozette potatoes and Marshall Strawberry.

The focus of the garden has been the Marshall Strawberry the last two years. Runners have been distributed to more than a dozen gardens throughout Lane County.

Slow Food member, Nicki Maxwell, maintains the RAFT garden. She is also a member of the Pacific and Northwest Regional Committee of Ark of Taste, Slow Food USA. The Ark of Taste is a tool for farmers, ranchers, fishers, chefs, grocers, educators and consumers to seek out and celebrate our country’s diverse biological, cultural and culinary heritage. Learn more about its function at http://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-of-taste-in-the-usa.

Nicki can be reached at nicolamaxwell47@gmail.com. Get in touch with her if you know of a food product that is outstanding in terms of taste; at risk biologically; able to be sustainably produced; culturally or historically linked to this region; currently produced in limited quantities. These are the criteria for nominating and selecting items to the Ark of Taste. For a list of Pacific Northwest foods currently on the list, click here.


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Our local Slow Food chapter sponsors events throughout the year that connect us with our food traditions, promote learning about local food production, and gather people to enjoy good food together.

Public Service Announcements

As a public service, we are listing some upcoming events we thought that you might be interested in. Listing an event is not an indication that we are sponsoring or endorsing the event.

Farmers’ Markets

Sprout Regional Food Hub
Fridays, 3pm-7pm, year round
418 A Street, downtown Springfield
Accepts Oregon Trail (SNAP), WIC and Senior Coupon

The Corner Market
Wednesdays, noon to 6pm, year round
295 River Road, near Chambers Street bridge

Hideaway Bakery Market
Saturdays, 9am-2pm, year round
3377 East Amazon, behind Mazzi’s Restaurant

Cottage Grove Growers Market
Saturdays, 9am-6pm, year round
12th & Main Street
Accepts Debit & Credit cards, Oregon Trail (SNAP) WIC and Senior Coupons