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One Field Meal 2008: Thank You & Photos

link to One Field Meal photo collection (pdf)

Many, many thanks to all who helped put on a terrific event Sunday (August 17). The pig, vegetables, pig roasting station, food preparation and cooking, table settings, welcome table, entertainment, and graciousness of our hosts were really remarkable. I hope that all who contributed to the event had as much fun as the people who came out to enjoy the dinner. I certainly did. The event really showcased the wonderful food and people that we have available to us in Lane County. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful place and be around such great people.

Special thanks to Ed Durkee who inspired and organized us all. Great job, Ed.

Attached are pictures of the event. My apologies if I missed taking your picture. There were too many right places to be at the right times for me to catch everyone.

See you all again soon.

Tom Barkin

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