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April 2014
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Slow Food Eugene Supporter Profile: Eugene Local Foods

This article is one of a series highlighting the businesses sponsoring the Slow Food Eugene Newsletter.  Please support them.  They help us fight for good, clean, and fair food.


102Amy McCann first came to Eugene Local Foods as a customer in 2008.

“I thought it was such a great way for local people who want to buy local food but don’t have the time to go seven different places and do all the research,” says McCann.

Now a partner, McCann and ELF help to connect small producers looking to get a foothold in the marketplace with consumers looking for food products that have been raised under 100 miles from Eugene/Springfield.

When it comes to supporting Slow Food ideals of good, clean and fair, ELF showcases commitment in all three.
For example, instead of the 16 cents for each dollar spent that goes back to the producer in many supermarket situations, ELF producers get 70.

“That’s a big difference when the producer, the person who does most of the work, gets most of the money and that’s the way it should be.”

When it comes to clean, McCann says they don’t have specific rules when it comes to being certified organic, but they ask each producer to be honest and open about their growing practices.

“They shouldn’t say organic if they aren’t certified organic. It’s really important to customers that we’re really open and honest with them.”

“I don’t know any one that uses chemicals,” says McCann.

Despite a limited growing season, ELF is still a great place to source local fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, dairy products and meat products this winter.

McCann’s family likes to get a variety of vegetables every week and specifically called out chickens from Deck Family Farms, merguez lamb sausage from Cheviot Hill Farm and the vegetables from Sweet Water Farms and Diamond Hill Farm.

Visit the website for a full list of available products and to order. Your order must be in before 11:40 on a Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Thanks to our contributing writer and Slow Food member, Jackie Varriano, for authoring this article.

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