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Slow Food Eugene Chapter Statutes

Approved at Members business meeting of November 3, 2003; amended in October, 2009

Slow Food Willamette Chapter is a partner with Slow Food U.S.A. that is an integral element of Slow Food International. This is a movement guided by values, principles, structures and processes as embodied in the Slow Food Manifesto; Slow Food U.S.A. Mission and Guiding Values; International Statute; and National Statute.

Slow Food U.S.A. Mission

Recognizing that the enjoyment of wholesome food is essential to the pursuit of happiness, Slow Food U.S.A. is an educational organization dedicated to stewardship of the land and ecologically sound food production; the revival of the kitchen and the table as centers of pleasure, culture, and community; to the invigoration and proliferation of regional, seasonal culinary traditions; and to living a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life.

Slow Food Willamette seeks to defend the right to soulful pleasure and to offer the county, state, nation and world an antidote to industrialization’s destruction of diversity in ecology, culture, and cuisine.
Members are guided by the central idea that we cannot create an ecologically healthy, culturally and gastronomically rich and humane world unless we live by the principles that define such a world.
Members recognize the difficulty in running a complex organization using a directly democratic process. Thus, Slow Food Willamette governance rests upon the concept of representation. Members elect or select through consensus leaders who shall represent the membership as they develop policies, priorities and programs to fulfill the Mission.

To ensure that a diversity of views will be accessible to the organization as it makes decisions, members recognize the following government entities: Chapter; Chapter Leaders; Committees; Regional Governors; International Counselors; International Executive Committee; International Council; International President’s Committee; International President; Slow Food U.S.A. Executive Director; and Slow Food U.S.A. National Executive Committee.

The following guiding principles and definitions are meant to aid members of Slow Food Willamette as they work to fulfill the organization’s Mission by exercising those powers and duties that accrue to them via their position within the governance structure.

1. We embrace diversity of opinion to enhance the democratic process and seek to effectively balance the powers of governance among those entities defined in the National Statute.
2. We believe that governance works best when trust exists among members. Thus, we strive to develop trust through all of our actions and to provide transparency in our governance.
3. We use respectful, clear, honest and robust dialogue to achieve consensus in making decisions. Consensus is defined as a mutually accepted group position or an agreement good enough for all members to move ahead. This means that there is no strong objection by any one or more group members and those who are not in full accord give their consent to the balance of the group. If consensus cannot be achieved or consent is not given, we will adopt majority rule through votes.
4. We recognize that people are imperfect beings. Therefore, we respect each other’s imperfections by practicing compassion in our relationships.
5. We understand that Slow Food Willamette is evolving, along with Slow Food U.S.A. with complex international and national relationships. Therefore, we commit the organization to continuous improvement of our Chapter Statute, National Statute and structures of governance.
6. We seek to empower members by encouraging leaders to see their role as trusted stewards of the governance process.
7. We recognize that leadership results from participation, consensus building, and an assumption of responsibility in the movement.
8. We foster development and recruitment of new leaders from among the membership on a continuous basis.
9. We shall ensure the integrity of the organization by confirming that corporate donors actually reflect the values and goals of Slow Food Willamette before accepting financial contributions.
10. We seek to realize the full fruits of cooperation and to embrace the challenges of cultural diversity with a spirit of conviviality reflective of our Mission.
Slow Foods, Willamette: a Chapter of Slow Foods U.S.A.
11. We are committed to the international nature of the Movement and seek to model a humane, equitable, collaborative, ecologically oriented, and life-affirming form of globalization.
12. We accept the need to make decisions that may not please all members all the time because without decisions being made governance cannot occur.
13. All decision taken by the leadership of Slow Food Willamette will be based upon the values, principles, structures, and processes described within this evolving Statute.

The Chapter
The local chapter, called Slow Food Willamette is the primary means for implementing the Mission of Slow Food U.S.A in Lane County Oregon. Guidelines for operating the Chapter are found in the Guidebook for Chapter Leaders.

Article 2A.
The Slow Food Willamette Chapter is managed by a leader or a team of leaders. The power of leaders is derived from the consent of members. Persons may lead the Chapter for up to twelve years with the annual consent of the members.

Article 2B.
Consent is apparent by the absence of dissent or complaint to Regional Governors or the Executive Director by active Chapter members. If complaints arise, Governors or the Executive Director, with consent of the Board, may call for an election by the Chapter to confirm or reject its leader(s). Confirmation requires that a majority of those attending the meeting, and who have also paid dues within the previous twelve months, cast votes for the leader(s). Votes may be taken by show of hands or casting of ballots. If casting of ballots is used, absentee ballots may be counted if signed by the voting member that cast the ballot. Absentee ballots must also contain a telephone number in case a confirmation of vote is required. If a leader(s) is rejected, the Governor with assistance from the Executive Director shall preside over selection of a new leader(s) through consent (verbal or written) or ballot.

Article 2 C.
For purposes of national business, the Executive Director and Board will recognize one or two person(s) from each Chapter as the designated Chapter Leader.

Article 2 D.
Chapterm membership is based on National Membership in Slow Food U.S.A.
1. National meeting notices
2. National publications and notices
3. Eligibility to hold local and national offices
4. Meeting and event discounts as determined by the national, international or hosting Chapter.
5. Other rights and privileges of national membership as determined by Slow Food U.S.A.
6.  National Membership dues are set by the Slow Foods U.S.A.

Article 2 E
Steering Committee
The steering committee is authorized to take and action consistent with mission of the organization including raising and spending monies and approving operating procedures for conducting the financial and operational activities of the organization including setting the amount for Associate Member annual dues.

Article 2 F
Convivium Leaders
Slow Food Willamette Leader
Leader or Co-leaders;
1. To manage the resources of the Slow Food Willamette Convivium.
2. Cast a vote in election for Regional Governor
3. Cast a vote in election for International Counselors
4. To appoint committee leaders as needed to implement the Mission of Slow Food U.S.A. in Lane County Oregon.

1. Implement the Mission of Slow Food U.S.A. in Lane County Oregon.
2. Inspire, educate and motivate members to celebrate and embody the Slow life.
3. Utilize the Slow Food U.S. A. Mission and Guiding Values, Guidebook for Chapter Leaders, Slow Food Manifesto, International Statute, and National Statute as guideposts for activities.
4. Responsible for convening the annual meeting to confirm leadership, approve annual financial report and conduct other business including consideration and review of sponsorship of community projects.
4a. Notice of annual meeting must be postmarked 18 days prior to meeting date.
4b. Ten percent of all Slow Food Willamette Convivium members must be present for the conduct of any vote.
5. Implement at least three Chapter events per year.

Article 2G.
Steering committee Members
1. Secretary.
Duties: Prepare meeting records, coordinate all correspondence pertaining to the activities of Slow Food Willamette, maintain correspondence records and membership database.
2. Treasurer
Duties: Responsible for all fiscal transactions and records. Assures legality for tax purposes and conducts annual audit for report at annual business meeting. Maintains checking account, which requires two signatures for disbursement of funds in amounts exceeding $500.00.
3. Program Coordinator
Duties: Arranges for a minimum of three Convivium events one of which may be for fund raising purposes as determined by the steering committee. Events must be submitted to steering committee for approval.

Article H.
Statute Change and Office Recall
These Slow Food Willamette Chapter statues may be changed and officers may be recalled at a meeting announced by a mailed notice to National and Associate Members postmarked 18 days in advance of the meeting date with the statute changes clearly stated. Statute changes require consensus or if necessary approval by two-thirds of the members in attendance at the change meeting.

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